America In Decline: Seattle

Watch this video below. Honestly, one would think it was a parody but it’s literally not, it’s just a typical day in a liberal city.

Some people (with a brain!) may deduce that such a decline in most major American cities is by design. I must say that I agree with that assumption.

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YouTube: Rosalina

‘Died Suddenly’ Documentary [Trailer]

Must Watch!

YouTube: Died Suddenly [Trailer]

Check this out! Documentary set to release on November 21st, 2022 on The Stew Peters Network so stay tuned!

What happened to the film ‘The Sound Of Freedom’ ??

YouTube: Sound of Freedom (Trailer)

I was searching for this film to watch one night with my husband and it lead me down a rabbit hole.

The news of the films release was said that it had been postponed due to the pandemic and then that Amazon would release it on its platform for viewing. Well, that wasn’t the case. It seems that Amazon has buried it!

I can’t say that I’m shocked that the movie was buried (aka censored) because the powers that be so not want to be expose for their wickedness. We need to really press for the release of this film because there’s obviously something they don’t want us to know.

Here’s a video of Tim Ballard below being interviewed and discussing exactly what he saw when he would save these children. It’s absolutely heartbreaking that children go through this and thank God for men like Tim Ballard. We need more of them!

YouTube: 700 Club interview with Tim Ballard

If you know of anyone who has access to this film or any explanation as to why it’s being censored please leave a message in the comments! Thank you and God Bless!!

Banned: Yê West on Drink Champs (uncensored)

Let me start off by saying that it was a very brave and opportunistic move for the producers & creators of the Drink Champs podcast to invite such a major icon and current center of controversy, Ye West.

Off the of the heels of a very heated tweet that literally got Ye banned from several social media outlets he goes off and does not hold back or stand down. One would either admire his radical candor or think him to be a fool for daring to say things in a “stream of consciousness” that not many will understand or even care to.

Ye West on Drink Champs


Now that the show was posted and open to review from the “thought police,” the host, Noreaga, has decided to take the broadcast down. After making many rounds offering up several mea culpa’s for comments which Ye had made during the live broadcast which (may have) offended family members of George Floyd.

Whether people agree or not, Ye & the folks have a right to speak their minds and the people have a right to respond as well. Yet when the result is censorship or public shaming of dissidents who perhaps share differing views or perspective on matters within society, we have reached a tipping point.

I decided to share the broadcast not because I agree with everything, Ye has to say. Yet I do believe he has the right to say it and the public have a right to listen or not. The entire mob mentality that decides to dictate to the masses what is & isn’t tolerated needs to get in check.

The best way is to insist that individuals have the free will to express themselves and that censorship of speech or dissenting speech should not be allowed but instead all capable people encouraged to openly debate their positions. As scripture teaches us, “iron sharpens iron.

Is Climate Change Real?

YouTube: The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007)
Produced by Martin Durkin

This documentary by UK Television producer, Martin Durkin, made in 2007 is very relevant today. Of course, because it’s countered the mainstream media’s narrative this documentary was placed in the “bottom of the bin” figuratively speaking which is why so many may not have heard of it.

Nonetheless, the information is vital to take in and challenge the current narrative of climate change and the role industry and civilization is actually having on the earth’s weather system & climate.

It’s clear that part of the Great Reset agenda is to promote a new type of “sustainable” lifestyle and culture. Yet when looking into the actual science provided to the masses, the models provided do not support the hypothesis of “man made” climate change.

If the science is dubious then why should the masses be coerced into a new system which will not benefit humanity?

It will in fact place them into a dark age of digital/meta authoritarianism with fascist technocrats at the helm to dictate the value of their enslaved consumers. The sooner people introduce themselves to actual truths and facts which challenge and full blown dismantle the ideas promoted by these overlords – the easier it will be for humanity to resist this awful agenda.

Announcement: New Podcast In the Works!

If you follow my Instagram account you probably may have viewed the announcement of the new podcast which is currently in the works right now! I am very excited about continuing to build this community and I believe that creating a Podcast is the next natural step in this process.

As far as how or when the first episodes will be released, my goal is to have them released by mid October, especially because I would like to discuss the upcoming Midterm elections that will be taking place in November.

My intent is to offer feedback and analysis on the various campaigns as well as connecting the agendas and reading through the double speak. At the same time, I want to engage in sophisticated dialogue with individuals who understand the need for conversation and collaboration when discussing controversies or delicate topics.

The goal is ultimately to seek truth, to be candid and unfiltered when doing so yet personable and entertaining. I also would like to support independent media and artist who are not interested in following the mainstream culture or narratives. If you enjoy my posts here on RedPillsOnly.TV, I definitely believe you will love what I have in store regarding the Podcast. This is a very exciting time and I look forward to the next phase in this journey. Stay tuned!

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Dave Smith Breaks Down the Reason Why Russia Invaded Ukraine | JRE

YouTube: The Joe Rogan Experience

I came across this clip and had to share it! Here we have Dave Smith breaking down various reasons why Russia felt the need to start a war in the Ukraine. Many people have blindly supported the conflict without knowing the exact history of this region or the origin of the war.

“We’ll Destroy the Human Species if We Do This!”

Dave Smith

Comedian and (occasional) News Commentator, Dave Smith lays out the many reasons why going to war with Russia is an imminent threat to the future of humanity. Why? Well, turns out Russia has a very strong nuclear armament built up since the Cold War that can and will result in mass devastation and destruction.

It goes without saying that the current regime seems to be consistently fanning the flames of war and resisting any talks of peace. Dave reminds us of this fact when he states that “in the very beginning [Russia and Ukraine].. had a deal worked out” yet “America” through UK’s then Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged the Ukraine government to not negotiate peace with Russia at all!

It’s very sad time for our country because of the apathy and demoralization of the citizens, as well as the extreme polarization which actually serves as a means to divide & distract. If more people were aware of the atrocities occurring at the tax dollar expense of American citizens and yet not with their approval, many people would be up in arms!

Still here our country is standing at the precipice with 30 seconds to midnight on the doomsday clock and literally it’s as if the minds of the masses are already lost in the abyss.

A sign of Good leadership is the ability to broker peace and promote innovation. With the current regime in place and the perpetual State Of Emergency in place from 2020 the authoritarian regime has now shown its teeth. I pray though that the people with eyes to see and ears to hear lift their hands up in prayer to call on the Most High to bring back balance and ultimately deliver us from this evil.

Side Note: Dave Smith mentioned journalist, Matt Taibbi, and if you would like to read his articles on the conflict in Ukraine you can click HERE!



In this interview, investigative journalist Whitney Webb discusses her book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime That Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein.” The book is so long, it was cut into two volumes. Volume 1 alone is 544 pages, but it’s a fascinating read and incredibly well-referenced.

Whitney Webb’s book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime That Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,” provides the framework to understand not just the role and function of Epstein, but also, more broadly, the mess we’re now finding ourselves in.

Around the time of World War II, the intelligence community in the United States formalized its cooperation with organized crime syndicates in what was known as Operation Underworld, and the web of corruption grew from there.

Sexual blackmail was used by organized crime before U.S. intelligence even existed. As criminal factions and intelligence agencies developed a symbiotic relationship, blackmail became a tool to achieve their individual ends.

While it may appear as though organized crime is being combated, this is rarely ever the case. Stories of cracking down on organized crime are cover stories to hide what’s really happening, which is the consolidation of organized crime territory.

The incentive behind all this criminal activity is not merely the hoarding of money to live in the lap of luxury. It’s about power and control over others. The good news is we can pull the plug on their plans.

Plato’s Allegory of The Cave

What is an Allegory?

The word ‘allegory’ comes from the Latin ‘allegoria,’ meaning speaking to imply something else. Similar to metaphors, they illustrate an idea by making a comparison to something else in order to make an often much greater point. This technique is used as a means to separate the storyteller (or writer) from an idea that may be a polarizing topic to discuss directly.

The Allegory of The Cave is definitively one of the first “red pills” in my opinion to have ever been dropped on humanity. It was written in Book VII of ‘Plato’s The Republic’ and encourages the pupil to distinguish illusion from reality and perhaps also to “not shoot the messenger.” It examines the philosophical thought of truth, and how some with different experiences or backgrounds may perceive it and also how some may too respond when their notion of truth is challenged.

In Plato’s Story

He tells it as a dialogue between his brother Glaucon and Socrates. As presented by Plato, Socrates’s allegory of the cave imagines a group of people chained together inside an underground cave as prisoners who are stuck looking at a wall in which shadows are cast upon.

I won’t say anymore because I think it would be a great treat for you to watch this throwback video in which Orson Welles narrates the allegory for your enrichment and entertainment of course!


Allegory of The Cave
by Plato
Narrated by Orson Welles

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What is The Trusted News Initiative?

The past couple of years there has been a constant streamlining of the overall narrative coming from popular news sites and mainstream media, whether it’s from Facebook or Google or any major social media platform.

The fact of the matter is that this method of centralized information has nothing to do with the desire to protect the citizens from misinformation or disinformation but rather has more to do with controlling the masses themselves. It’s the proverbial take on Plato’s story of ‘The Cave.’

Another aspect that many have speculated is that controlling the information affects the monetary gain of these corporate oligarchs who during the pandemic experienced the most massive wealth transfer ever recorded in history! It’s well known they spend tons of money creating their own hype and manufacturing trends etc., so it comes as no surprise that they would manufacture news stories to create optics which place them in a favorable manner while the rest of civilization lives in a sort of ‘Truman Show’ mindscape. While they force lockdowns and people to “live” in the “meta verse.”

Needless to say, using the same consolidation of multiple media platforms (as discussed in the video) in order to divide & conquer by labeling any form of dissent or disagreement as harmful in order to silence and smear. All this is yet another method to control the masses by creating perpetual states of distrust between everyone who already is in a state of disarray due to the unprecedented actions taken by the government such as mandatory lockdowns, forced face masking and the mandatory vaccinations with genetic therapy drugs disguised as “vaccines.”

Keep in mind, the virus is still among us and many are no longer viewing the situation as a pandemic yet many elected officials in positions of power refuse to drop the ‘State of Emergency’ mostly because it does fit the “reset agenda” which can only truly take place in the USA if a governor has the hubris to act like a dictator pushing through legislation during these supposed ‘State of Emergency” as they capitalize on fear and ignorance of the citizens.

The video by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation does an excellent job explaining The Trust News Inititive which is in reality a sophisticated propaganda campaign that suppresses the free flow of information. Information which any reasonable person has the right to hear and make their own decision on whether or not they chose to believe or prescribe to it. Check out their website and keep yourselves and your loved ones informed!

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