No Free Speech on the Internet🚫


So it’s best that you know I am posting this as I am literally “suspended” from the Twitter platform for comments on my Timeline.  The events that served as a prelude to my suspension were rather ridiculous.  I am very chatty on Twitter (not a crime!) and have no trouble in expressing my opinion or views and providing supportive facts to express such opinion..  Yet on Twitter, and I’m sure in many other social media platforms we now have literal “tweet police” who can and will censor you if you are deemed to have engaged in any type of undesirable behavior online.

In my case, the use of the word “retardation” to describe a very petulant troll in my mentions was a line too far to cross!  My tweet literally read as follows; “Look at the retardation I have to deal with in my mentions...” and underneath was the retweet of the troll who was spamming me.  Even though both the individual and myself are consenting adults within the said ‘Twitter’ platform, both have agreeably engaged in a consensual conversation, Twitter has now allowed it’s very idea to be bastardized by the “policing’ conversations under nebulous ever changing goal posts of post modern political correctness.  This all resulted in my account being suspended for seven days.  Frankly, I thought it was ridiculous!  And frankly, Twitter doesn’t care!

I respect all who can support their positions on crucial issues of the day.  I encourage honest dialogue and discussion because it is the only way to find understanding and common ground.  Yet somehow, clandestinely, the social media oligarchy has decided that they may now “curate” their platforms and have the opportunity to exercise such right because they are a private business organization which can legally do so.  Under such heavy authoritarian hands, they are jeopardizing the act of unity to take place by silencing the conversation and omitting debate.  The very things that essentially made Twitter, Twitter..

Yet, dare I ask.. Who made Twitter popular?  It wasn’t just board members and charming salesmen or CEO Jack Dorsey.  It was actual people who logged on to follow and to join conversations with other people.  Now, Twitter (and other platforms such as Facebook and Youtube) are engaging in extreme censorship because of pressured placed upon them by Federal government entities who can’t seem to accept the election of President Donald Trump, the rise of alternative media or the shift in how citizens engage with one another.

Now with the advent of the Hoax-bomber in Florida and the awful tragedy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania one can only expect more censorship and ultimately for the internet to be regulated.  Social media site Gab.ia, a counter to Twitter and Facebook has already been taken down by it’s host service provider due to the fact that the psychopath who killed 11 worshippers at the ‘Tree of Life’ synagogue in Pittsburgh, Penn. used this particular platform to espouse hate for all Jewish people and apparently the President as well.  It should be noted that many crimes have occurred on ALL social media platforms but the ones being targeted for demonetization or censorship are more like than not to be those people or organizations who express any opinion right of center.

Individuals like Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones, Milo Yannapiolis have been banned from Twitter and/or Facebook.  What has been reported it the ban came from utilizing “Hate Speech” but there is no such thing as hate speech in a free society, so what gives?  What is the end game?  I have even heard chatter of a mandatory online registry identification though it would violate privacy laws.  Still, in this political climate I don’t see that stopping the authoritarian establishment from implementing their planned strategy.

The internet used to be a ‘Laissez Faire’ type free market, but when the citizens begin using the internet to break from the matrix, to exchange ideas or information challenging the status quo and main stream programming it’s then used as a tool to silence opposition of the status quo.  It’s very sobering and sad to know that despite the blood shed by countless men and women to fight for my freedom and yours, it only takes a couple of board members and bankers to decide who gets to say what, who gets to be heard and who gets to be shamed. A’int that a shame?



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