Crisis in California: Homelessness and The Manufactured Underclass of California Progressive Politics

Homeless man, Downtown SF

Past the glitzy and chic city streets, the high tech coffee shops and the en vogue fashion boutiques is the growing population of the San Francisco and Greater Bay Area homeless under class.   Consisting of many families and people who suffer in silence without access to a stable home or the economic resources to maintain stability often leading to chronic displacement. With the advent of universal healthcare being touted as a “human right” it seems pertinently obvious that permanent housing be viewed with the same regard but this has superceded the mindset of politicians on both sides of the aisle, although California has increasingly become known as a one party state.

The infection of corporate greed and economic bubbles have deluded the elected Democrat officials and led to overbloated bureacracies which instead of helping those they claim to protect, actually systematically force them out of their communities.   This is what happens when the creeping global investors do a hostile takeover of a disjointed population in a stupor. They have the money of the world (mostly Communist chinese capitalist) perpetuate a re-landscaping of demographics and incorporating a corporatized political correct progressivism that is tongue in cheek when you glance upon the desolate drug infested streets.

The beautiful city skyscrapers cannot hide the paradox.  Whilst corporate real estate investment firms monopolize the skyline, a native Black community (*6% of SF population) is being pushed out little by little with no media outcry or opposition by the late Mayor, Ed Lee. As the palm trees line the Mission area, predominantly a working class neighborhood of Mexicans immigrants, and before them it was populated by the Irish and Italian immigrants who were able to “move up and out,” but now, the working class is instead being pushed out with fewer opportunities or pushed down onto the streets as the homeless under class.

San Francisco Battles With Homelessness Problem

Aside from the economic blockade that local Landlords are now offering in the rental market, one walks the streets of San Francisco and doesn’t see the happy smiling faces of small children going to the local park with their mom and dad. No, what one can expect to see is the uninspired millennial slaving away on the smartphone app of choice that — at the moment is utilizing human energy for a couple dollars per hour. Those dollars which millennial will blindly dump into the bank account of a greedy foreign landlord. A landlord, who knows not the name or face of their tenant. And why should they? The local city government entities don’t care of whom they receive their property taxes from, so long as they get those taxes! Taxes to support the dregs that fill the streets high off of heroin or city clinic provided methadone. Those dregs that demoralize the last vestiges of lower and middle income families who would like to make a life for themselves in the city.

And how should we define a city? The city was a place to provide a resource for families to grow, a place where culture and circumstance allowed those of diverse backgrounds to reap the benefits of synergy. The combined effort of many groups working together actively creating urban centers of commerce, where all actively participated in labor and consensual commerce. Which for better or worse would define that which is modern Americana. Yet the stories of old our parents may have happily recounted, where they’re reminscising of a past that clearly seems to be long gone. Social mores & principles are all put to question in order to ideologically divide citizens into components of “boutique issues” with an “us versus them” tribal mentality. With the advent of rapid technologic smart-phone-vinesh-maharajinformation disbursement and hyper dependency on smart devices the town square no longer seems to be represented by an actual “place.” The town square is no longer residing in the cities. Instead the town square has been usurped by a digital replacement, such as social media applications like Facebook, SnapChat, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and the list goes on. It is worthy to be noted that the bulk of these technology companies are located in the San Francisco bay area.   These technological social media plutocracies are becoming more and more evident to not only influence the psyche of modern cities, but most especially are being uncovered to exploit the naivete of those who utilize their services for political purposes. The city of San Francisco and surrounding counties for example have been doing a disservice to the families since the induction of these corporate entities into the locale. Not only in legislation, but in the catering to these entities at the expense of cultivating a positive uplifting city lifestyle, inclusive of all people, including those with small children – in other words, families.

What the city did was subsidize the local population of working class families who immediately felt increase in property taxes, the raising cost of real estate and the growing cost of rentals.   With such subsidization it allows more control to the local government to dictate the amount and level of resource and to whom such subsidies would be given to. In essence, government and bureaucracies deciding who are the “winners” and who are the “losers.” Often, the local population is hoodwinked by corporate entities that disguise themselves as charismatic spokespeople, advocates and/or politicians who propose new legislation that is said to help families, and children but in reality these legislations forfeit the basic rights of such class of people.

For instance, the bay area environmentalist, also members of the Liberal democrat party insist that local governments do not build more homes but instead utilize the 16% of land already utilized to make smaller scale housing. The environmentalist are advocating for legislation zoning laws that mandate “open space” and do not permit for new home building. What the environmentalist want to seduce the public into believing is that such a proposal is beneficial to the public but the reality is that it is not truly possible. In 2007, UC Berkeley’s Institute for Urban and Regional design issued a report that even if such actions were to take place within the allowable 16% of developed land, it would be able to accommodate only a quarter of the growing population projected at 1.5 million people who were deemed to be the local native population (i.e descendants of the local occupants,) it did not include the influx of people moving in from other states, or immigrants from other countries. A dubious oversight that literally places the posterity of bay area natives to be displaced to other parts of the state and country at an alarming rate drawing a map of subdivisions and zones for the “haves” and the “have-nots.”


Another issue affecting the housing market is not only the lack of available housing, but the idea of rent control apartments which has proven to increase the rent. Here we have the perfect example of how laws that were proposed to help original residents work itself out to in fact deter new families and young adults from living in a traditional independent fashion. Instead, what has occurred is higher rents to offset the limitation on the free market which rent control caps, but the rental market itself is manipulated to such a high degree that people now must rent out bedrooms when about 20 years ago, $700 rent would pay for a family of 4 to live in a two-bedroom apartment. Now that same two bedroom apartment is being rented for almost four times that amount. How is this type of economy sustainable in a procreative environment. It’s not. What is says to working class families is that “we don’t care about you, and we could care less about your children. Deal with it or get out.” Which is exactly what some families have done, and what city officials have allowed to take place. It is well noted that social services departments within San Francisco have exported their homeless families to areas such as Sacramento or any other place that they can get them too. Leaving behind almost in desperation the opportunity for an ethos to take place, for the community to thrive and thus leaving local officials wholly unaccountable for their lack of effectiveness to truly help their constituency now tailor-made to include voracious corporate lobbies who sway the overworked and underpaid overtaxed and concussed millennial family generation.   What once was the opportunity to work a blue-collar job in a growing city or town, is now an overtaxed bloated nanny government whose acts of charity are displayed as propaganda to deflect from what actually is going on. The failure of a republic and a voided democracy.

How can a mother explain to her child that the reason why they are homeless living in a motel is because a few ivy league tree huggers thought it was better to have open space than to have proper housing for a family and their small children. Yet this is what it has come down to. Most people who suffer the plight of homelessness in silence may not even know that the limitation of housing is caused by the same bureaucrats that claim to advocate for their well being. eviction graphThe very politicians who advocate for healthcare as a human right, will then put into legislation and law realities that prevent a family from owning property, a fundamental human right that should be readily available to all who seek the option in a civilized and logical society.   Yet the powers that be will have one believing that it is most pertinent to maintain open space then allow construction development business of single family housing to flourish within the San Francisco bay area.

What is preventing the new housing developments to materialize is the meddling between special interest and local government that zone the land to allow or disallow new builds to take place.   In Sacramento, the state capital of California, a literal stalemate occurred between lawmakers due to a disagreement between Governor Jerry Brown and the congress to fund $400 million of in-fill housing (housing that is within already developed jurisdictions) which would be for new affordable-government Regulation written on multiple road signsponsored housing units. California government went into recess before settling the pressing matter. However, the bill didn’t pass because Governor Jerry Brown wanted the state funds to by-pass the rules and permits needed for such new builds which the local governments (who would have receive the funds) place on building companies and local developers. Yet this is nothing more than market manipulation, and an example of state government creating a class of people of their choosing who will continually maintain the need of such a bloated government to function. It facilitates a homegrown under class parceled in the in-fill land, which has already pushed out the original natives with grossly high taxes and rents. Thus manufacturing the classic caste society of the extremely rich and the extremely poor. Something that Northern California liberalism has created yet stubbornly refuses to admit any guilt in doing so.

No one has to look as far as the San Francisco County, the district represented in the Senate by Senator Nancy Pelosi, former speaker of the house. In San Francisco alone, the amount of gentrification and systematic push of low-income people who have not only been evicted due to unfair legalese and lack of resources to defend their civil right to live in San Francisco but native Black San Franciscans have unfairly become the victims ofnancydoesntcare “hostile takeover” type of gentrification. The method to this gentrification occurs with the cash purchases of land and/or homes mostly by foreign entities (such as the Chinese who have made it a custom to purchase houses in the San Francisco [as well as other Bay Area cities]), then perform superficial remodels and to then resale the house at a hyperbolic price point which only a select few can then have a bidding war over.

It’s no surprise that many blacks, latinos and other groups affected by the great recession have not been able to recoup their loses from the market crashing. Afterall, they have been targets of the monetary system, to implement a debtor slave society. One that either voids their position in the work force by mandating degrees for basic jobs, leaving them to work minimum wage retail jobs that too have been affected by the recession and also by establishing credit systems which allow the amassing of major debt to glut the flow of progress.

This perplexing scenario gives birth to the feeling of hopelessness. Hopelessness is definitively the result of a campaign of demoralization. This is exactly how the political class keeps the underclass oppressed. Oppression that comes from the willful omission of exercising the fundamental right to vote. After all, why should citizens in a Liberal city like San Francisco vote? Aren’t their politicians the champions of the people? The sanctuary city advocates, but yet they cannot fend off foreign banks from foreclosing on its local citizenry whose family has historic roots in San Francisco? Oh that’s right! It’s a paradox that is exposed when the rhetoric of equality is not met with the actual working out of such equality but instead is veiled by incendiary gas lighting of social justice issues that are controversial as they are divisive. Literally, the Liberal politicians of the San Francisco Bay Area and other blue cities cannot put “their money, where their mouth is.” They feign moral superiority and virtue signal at the drop of a hat, but if you look at the streets in the cities which they claim to represent, you see a populis that is disjointed, streets that are unclean and locals that feel unsafe and insecure.  Millennials packed in a two bedroom apartment like hamsters in a cage, while female prostitutes search for johns on the street. All the while, a young family has to pack up their belongings because their landlord has served them with an “unlawful detainer” complaint for being a few days late for rent, with no resource to combat or delay the inevitable.


Liberal politicians hoodwink the masses, by grandstanding and shaming opposition.  Yet we must ask ourselves, isn’t it time to start shaming them for their ineffectual services? For their making a fortune from donations by corporations and neglecting the local voter population. Liberals are actively complicit in creating a feudal society in present day San Francisco Bay area. This modern day feudalism is occurring unabated, and is affecting many people of all colors and creeds. Most importantly it is affecting the most vulnerable of our society. We cannot allow a group to malign opposition by self proclamation of virtuous ideals yet lack the fundamental pragmatism to effectuate change on a tangible level to it’s very constituents. There is no opposition in the San Francisco city council in which they can blame. There is no one to blame but themselves. The same goes for the California state legislature, that is more focused on anti-Trump rhetoric than gleaning the billions they’ve mised from taxpayers to utilize for updating infrastructure. The state of affairs is gross and it’s time that we call the political class of California Liberals what they in fact are, liars!

wine_cheersMany of the biggest proponents of California Liberalism reside in the county of San Rafael, the same county that has vehemently fought against any sort of low-income housing to be created in their area. How about the story of the owner of the locally famous ‘Sol café’ who happened to open a Puerto Rican cuisine restaurant in the county, and painted her store front lime green, only to receive a hateful letter which stated “I don’t know if you’re aware but we don’t use those colors around here.’” Referring to the ethnically colorful façade. These same Liberals that taut the fight for the poor and “people of color”, are the lawyers and Judges that are participating in the eviction of the poor from their communities. Shelter is a fundamental human right, as is water but somehow these corporate leftist manage to infiltrate reason itself so long as they may capitalize upon it while going on about life unscathed. All the while tainting the opposition with false reports and skewed narratives.

We can no longer accept conceptual platitudes spoken by elected officials to coerce the reality of what is occurring before our eyes.   As I’ve said in my Periscope, John Cox didn’t do a good job campaigning in the Golden State and I highly doubt if Gavin Newsom will find a remedy to this problem.  Most California Elite will toast to a glass of wine and at the same moment, a family somewhere in California is sliding into poverty and losing their home.  Pray for us, AMERICA!!!



By: Nina GoLightly





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