The Disconnect.

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It’s hard to sometimes fathom the thought that someone you know and love, perhaps a person you grew up with is now diametrically opposed to everything you believe in and stand for. It’s no surprise that we live in incredibly polarizing time but what is a surprise is that lack of understanding that is now being exercised by individuals who stick to their dogma as if their life depended on it. Sure, we must stand for the things that we believe in, but in order to do so we must also make our arguments persuasive or not have any at all. We must have facts, not just feelings or malice for a subject because it has a specific person attached to it.

I can’t understand why or how matters of the day have become so paradoxical. The notion of morals, life, spirituality, sexuality and many other foundational aspects of our modern civilization has some how been flipped upside down, “a hangman” of sorts. People are concussed, disoriented and morally fatigued. Many individuals of modernity live in this echo-chamber of “live and let live” because they chose not to pursue a moral stance, because they simply do not have one. Morality is now based upon who can shout the loudest, or shame someone who thinks “outside of the hive.” Or who can be the most beloved within the Social Media Universe. What’s interesting to note is that most of those exhibiting these characteristics are those people that have blossomed post youth during the years of 2009-2016, indebted to the educational system and needless to say brainwashed by Marxist sympathizers who capitalized by education in fiat as they misled their students into an understanding that government and society was in service to the individual. Not that the individual was in service to society, and their moral duty was to keep government small and accountable.

Any critical student of history would know that the foundation of American government was based upon the resolute notion that no government could be benevolent, and the only answer to check and balance the system is to respect the rights of the individual. America as a nation, has always tried to rectify it’s wrongs, yet somehow, with the recession era gas lighting, and the hoodwinking of the media, we now have a caste of society that has completely been indoctrinated to believe that the American system failed them and now we must implement a marxist type of society in order to correct the wrongs of the past. This idea in itself is a farce and again, any student of history would know that erasing the foundation of a nation is how Marxist Communist begin their demoralization and eventual takeover (Have you ever heard of Tartary? Yeah, probably not.) It’s already been proven in history that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Yet Communist lie to themselves into believing that they can institute such a altruistic governing system. There is no such thing as a “benevolent government” nor will there ever be until the Great Lord Jesus comes riding in the clouds as promised, and no one knows when that will be. Until then, we must take a stand for what we understand to be freedom, and liberty.

So how did we get here? When I say “we,” I mean, us Americans.. How did we get here? To this point of complete demoralization, and political unrest? It would be so very easy to point the finger at the years of President Obama’s administration. Though, I did mention those years above, I did so only because that particular mass of peoples who voted for Barack Obama did so under the naive notion that voting for a man like Barack Obama, a son of a white mother and a kenyan immigrant father, would somehow represent the hard work and sacrifice which paid off within American politics and heritage to defeat the notion of racism and oppression. Unfortunately, and in my opinion, Barack Obama was used as a vehicle to implement an agenda that was very contrary to the usual status quo of American ideals. When his campaign chanted “Change you can believe in!” Many didn’t understand that this “change” was actually the replacement of a theistic Judeo-Christian society, with that of an atheist Marxist dogma. I need not go into the countless examples of how President Obama challenged our nature and dare I say “audacity” to have “hope,” the reader can use their own discernment.

What I can deduce is that the method to the disconnect started as soon as the Democrats won the presidency via Bill Clinton in 1992. All he had to do was play the saxophone during an Arsenio Hall show! Who would’ve thunk it???! During his administration, the public was made to endure his escapades and the media created the air of which people were made to empathize with Hillary, who was painted as the innocent wife who was the victim of Bill’s scandalous affairs. Whilst the media focused on his lethario ways, many citizens overlooked the fact that Bill Clinton was signing into laws the power of conglomerates to own and monopolize mass media. The Neo-Con Republicans played their roles as investigators in the crucible to find smut within Bill Clinton’s closet, yet couldn’t protect the American citizen from the obvious left leaning and propagandizing media onslaught that was about to infect the public at large for many years to come.

Now fast forward to 2016 election, and you can get a clear picture as to how so many individuals were upset, distraught even to see that Hillary Clinton, the chosen one, did not win the Presidential election. Why? Simple answer is that they believed the propaganda media machine usurped by the Progressive left so long ago. What the Democrats seemed to have missed was that when the media was pushing out conservative voices (thanks to President Bill Clinton), and when the citizens rights were getting savagely violated (thanks to Neo-Con President Bush, post 9/11), and when the Obama administration was using the IRS to target the “TEA Party” movement, and silencing the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, the silent majority was stirring like a sleeping bear being poked with a stick.

Then an outsider like Donald J. Trump, who not only observed the decline of America and the American dream, but empathized with the average American just trying to get by. The people believed him. And even if he wasn’t the prim and proper politically correct establishment person, they were willing to take that risk with him, what the hell did they have to lose? He admittedly was known as the “comeback” kid, why not take a risk? Many who voted for him, also voted for Obama to the dismay of the Democrat party, who had banked on their politically capital in cities that held a voting class that they now deem as undesirables, and “deplorables” as Hillary Clinton famously said. Now that she is the loser, and perhaps the most embedded shadow government operative, she would rather see the Republic fall, then to see those who have helped to build America on American values and principles (not government hand outs and outsourced commodities) ..rise up again.

That’s the disconnect. There is a large segment of our society who recalls how it was before everything became so dark and dreary. The feeling that things could get better, and the desire to acknowledge that truth with a political talking head from “the swamp” is over. Donald J. Trump is the iconoclastic representative and now President only because he represents an anathema to that which was pushed down so many people’s throats. False hoods, broken promises, endless wars, no peace, no security and no change. Those people who just wanted to create a business, work a trade, or freely worship and speak their mind, defend themselves and not pay so much taxes! Those people who were mocked by academics, sitting in ivory towers listlessly writing thesis on observations while the rest of us are trying to make sense of the “social science experiment” we were being placed in by these type.

The disconnect is between the modern rebels and those who are still enslaved to the modern deception. Downtrodden by amoral dogma, shackled by the debt, brainwashed by entitlements, and the progressive virtue of covetous ambition and sterile relationships that ultimately demands them to radically change the foundations of modern American society to reflect that which is morally corrupt. Do not be misled, those who I refer to as modern rebels here are those who rebel against the mainstream media complex, who search for all the truth, and read in between the lines and practice critical thought. Those who see the homogeny in the cacophony of words spoken by the pundits. Pundits who are paid by conglomerate corporations which have their allegiance elsewhere, namely, their own bank accounts, their own bottom lines. Pundits who are sent out to shame old women, and men of faith. Politicians who tell their constituents to use violence against those who think differently because they care more about their position of authority, than they do about “The Republic as it stands, for Liberty and Justice for All.”

There’s a Biblical book named Ester, where we see a man named Haman, within the story hellbent on not only persecuting the Jews, but also plotting feverishly to ensure Mordecai, Esther’s uncle and adoptive father, would be hanged on the gallows. As the tale unravels, and Esther through her wisdom, courage, and diligence gained favor with her Husband the emperor. After Haman had almost deceived the Emperor into signing laws that would kill the entire population of Jews, Esther came before the Emperor and Haman over a dinner she prepared herself and fell before the Emperor’s feet. There she revealed to him something that she never hid but also didn’t not disclose. That she was too a Jew, and the law which he would sign would not only exterminate her people, but would also mean that the Emperor must kill her as well. Eventually, the Emperor realized Haman’s treachery and the gallows which Haman had prepared for Mordecai to be hanged, were then used to be his end. Justice was served.

As we enter this disconnect with our neighbors though, let us do so with a reconnection to the spirit that is Liberty, and Justice. As the scales are weighed, history is made, and Lady Justice isn’t blind. It may take time, but those who have deceived many for so long and continue to willfully do so as they sow seeds of unrest and mayhem in the hearts of the people will inevitably be on the receiving end of those fruits. Those “laws” which they make to persecute, will be used to condemn them. We have to hang on to that which we know is true in our souls, and stand next to the light which that truth is dispersed from.

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