Into the Age of Anti –

Never before in my life or in my studies have I heard or seen of a time where people have created a collective in which they can gather and celebrate the invirtuous.  It seems we have now entered into an age where people no longer feel the desire to be governed by reason.  Now individuals have perverted the idea of freedom and use this as a platform to promote vice and shameless acts of degeneracy.  If we glance at the history of civilizations before our great American experiment, we can see that as soon as a society accepted that which is perverse, in a shameless manner and allows such perverse thinking to persist unchallenged, it results in a vacuum of conciousness and ultimately the downfall of such a society.

In America, we have long passed this crux in the road.  What was being portrayed as “tolerance” and “equality under the law” was merely a veiled assault on the virtuous sensibilities of our American posterity.  Whether it began with the battle between Jerry Fallwell and Larry Flint, or Roe v. Wade, Prop 8 or taking the Bible out of the public schools – all is up to debate and interpretation but no one can argue that the days of a “blushing bride” and innocence of a child are long behind us.  When laws imposed by a perverted government can decide what is a sacrament and who is worthy to be born, we have entered into perilous times.  For the will of the people has been debased and demoralized, the idea of truth and eternity promoted as mythos.  All leading to scientific theory placed on a pedestal that many use to reject the spirit of God as our creator.  Persuading people to ignore their better judgements or common sense. 

This fallen nature is most demonstrated in the act of self exaltation, or pride as many Saints such as Saint Augustine would determine (in the ‘City of God..’). On the contrary, the enlightened nature of man is to submit to the natural order of the divine and our place within it.  The advent of social media, as a modern tool of vain propaganda utilized by the masses not always necessarily to spread awareness of truth, or pursuit of virtue but often more for the act of idolizing oneself or another, and to do so with shameless pride.  For whether it is to share one’s grief, or one’s success, the purpose is morally equivalent to those who Christ warned us not to be like, those “hypocrites” who would pray in the synagogue or on the street corners, just to be seen by others as praying (Matthew 6:5.), and the truth is that we all are guilty of hypocrisy. 

Though we [all] be guilty, society at large offers no apology for such hypocrisy and often chid at the thought that something as benign as “social media” or media in general could inoculate people to that notion.  The masses have become so deluded in the pursuit of lust in vanity and the worship of the material in place of virtue, that they can’t seem to respond fast enough to the fruits of such badness, and it has brought us ever closer to the tipping point.  Giving birth to a culture that can only be explained as the pinnacle of antipathy, demonstrated by this “anti-” worship. Not worship of God, but instead worship of self whilst exhibiting and even celebrating the extreme hate of another.

“Anti,” is a term that is rooted in the Greek languange meaning “against, opposed to, or instead of. “ It has become imbedded in the subconcious mind of Western culture due to the Christian foundation of Western thought.  Many have heard of the “Apocalypse” or the “Anti-Christ” before they have familiarized themselves with the actual text where the revelation came from.  Further examination of the letters from our Church Fathers often decode to the spirit that which is already manifest.  We are living in the days of “Anti-worship,” which denotes that we are under the rule & authority of the “Anti-Christ.”  The collective gathering of individuals together to not only express their hate and display their degeneracy has never happened on such a great scale since the circus’ of Nero, in the time of Rome.  Though, modern society has blanketed it’s barbarity to occur at a Planned Parenthood, instead of the hands of gladiators, we are no less barbaric or blind to such depravity. 

The nature of the “anti-” pathos is ever more obvious by the rise of “cancel culture,” shunning, and scapegoating.  The most profane is the anti-worship of Donald J. Trump, which in true Trumpian style has placed the toxicity of this mind set on a world stage, which has allowed and condoned the character assassination of one man who was elected to office to disrupt the vainglorious vacuum on Capitol Hill, where its no secret that establishment Politicians have for decades served their needs, and not those of their constituents. 

Contemplate the ways in which people have gathered together, not to sing hymns of praise or thanks to a merciful Almighty Creator God as a form of worship, but in contrast; to viciously malign, degrade and encourage hate and acts of hate towards someone or something.  The most blatantly obvious example is the collective of individuals who have gathered themselves together to celebrate everything that is in-spite of Donald J. Trump. Many in unison seem to suffer from derangement which they seem to relish. They cannot find any grace (or light) within themselves to reflect on the successes of the policies, approach or anything good that has come from his term thus far.  Many couldn’t even express thankfulness for the death of a homicidal megalomaniac ISIS leader, Abu Al-Bhaktari because it was done under President Trump’s watch. 

There is no real rhyme or reason to the relentless assaults from so many except that those who are controlled by their vanity often tend to be fooled by it as well. The manifestation of their derangement is a form of worship in itself. For it is time devoted to hating a man. In this regard Donald J. Trump has become a false idol and a demagogue, representative as a zealous disruptor yet a beacon of hope to those of us who do support his politics.

In other words, secular mainstream media in conjunction with the social media Tech companies have birthed within many, a beast so monstrous & unreasonable that should we cowardly resist confrontation, we all will be devoured by it.  Let’s reason for a moment, when in modern times have we ever seen a blimp, bought & paid for, of a sitting President having to greet him as he travels overseas to visit an ally (UK), like what happened to President Trump? When have we seen citizens who kneeled in defiance to a flag that they were born under? Like what Kaepernick sold out for. When have we had a culture that allowed lies to make headlines as “breaking news” and then never correct the record when the truth does come forth? As in the case of Covington Catholic, Jussie Smollet, Russian Hoax or this last Ukrainian hoax, I’m sure the list can go on.

To see millions of people manipulated by the internet and the news media to knit hats representing “pussies” as they march together not only in animosity to their duly elected President, but in clear opposition to anyone who may disagree from their political stance or ideas often resulting in political violence… as cliche as it may sound, “..we’re not in Kansas anymore.” Truly, there has been no other time of such mass hysteria or confusion that is fed by the relentless spread of information (or disinformation) in high volume and unmatched frequency.

 Consider that with the onslaught of scientific theory purported as fact to then make the ideas of scriptural teaching to appear as obsolete. The pursuit of happiness is being conflated with the pursuit of self promotion and the acceptance of the collective thought. The individual can no longer exist with their counterparts, instead they must mesh into working class collective of slaves, asking no questions and serving the status quo. It is ever so clear that the spirit of “Anti-Christ” is here, because as we who believe know, the Christ is “anointed” or “chosen” but there is no space for anyone to be chosen or special in anyway unless everyone is special and chosen.  That is now the basis of modern thought.

I find myself asking questions like how can we combat the insidious ideas that have perverted the minds of so many? too often. As a mother of now five children I look at the world outside my door and pray to God that his grace and mercy release his children from the stain of this world.  In Christ, I know that this is manifest, but the working out is where the virtues will grow or where the flesh will stifle.  The world plummeting into an abyss of hate and degeneracy often is the fuel to ignite the passion in the hearts of those who choose to walk the narrow path. 

Evil often strikes at the dignities of Saints but rest assured iron sharpens iron and ears often listen to the voice crying out in the wilderness.  So as we begin this decade, let’s call out the wolves dressed in drag queen clothing!  Set to conquer as Christ Our King has promised us victory for he has conquered the world, and with his Grace, we may as well.


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