The Reddest Pill 🩸

I have a lot on my mind. It’s late and I don’t want to bother you with the ups and downs I have been feeling. The reality of the situation seems to outweigh any fictional version I could have mustered up within my own mind. Here we all are. Here we stand. Hours away before the formalities of State ritual takes place in order to proceed with a massive deception which in truth is no deception at all. As scripture teaches us, as the Word of God has told us, “..those with eyes can see..” So allow me to pour my heart out..

As those of us see the transition, let us ourselves not concede to the demoralizing idea that all is lost or that there is no hope. Let us not be in fear of the awful labeling and smears that will be placed on those who took a stand because they felt they had no recourse. Or perhaps they were woefully misguided and betrayed by those entrusted under oath to do the will of the people, yet refused to do so. Let us recognize the real foe and not forget the Great Betrayal that is at hand. The Judas kiss. The kiss of death.. meant to destroy our very Republic.

Yet what remains now is not a remnant that can be culled, repressed or shaken. No. We are full of passion, heart and are calling out to the Most High to deliver us justice. True, we are the sinners on the right & on the left of Christ. We are the sinners at the foot of the cross. Still, we are asking for his salvation. We are asking for his divine help. We are also praying for our enemies to repent. To change their minds. Why pray for them? For the scriptures teaches us, that to abuse the Beloved of God Almighty is to poke God in his very eye (Zechariah 2:8). And so now, we can rest assured that they especially have his attention. So the ball is in their court, they can choose to change their minds.

Understand the blessings of The Lord also come with malediction. We know this because the Son of Man had to endure betrayal, false accusation and sentenced to death for no crime except speaking the truth to those who were in positions of power and authority. Jesus Christ warned his people that if they did it to him, they would be able to do it to all who follow his way as well. Yet, without the sorrowful passion and his sacrifice displayed on the Cross (John 3:16), no one would have been able to see the truth and power in the Resurrection of Christ just three days later. He rebuilt his temple.

And so it goes, the past events of 2020 w/in our nation and worldwide through out the establishment apparatus – we can see how twisted people have become who have the authority to decide whether individuals are worthy of their inalienable rights to govern themselves or whether they should be forced to conform as a collective to what the State mandates of them. Has America lost her way?

The people who rely upon the beast (biblical allegory for human government) will be devoured by it. Yet to appease “the beast” is to feed it. You feed the beast by being in fear of man instead of having a filial fear of God. Understanding that what is occurring before us first must have occurred in the supernatural. We must then have courage to accept the unveiling of the ones who have been wolves in sheep’s clothing. The only way to accept it is to let them show themselves as Judas did, with a kiss. You see, those in positions of trust can feign concern while simultaneously plotting your demise. You must be reasonable. Use discernment.

It is not radical to say that this is a spiritual war. In this battle, it is a good idea to be clever and remember the strategy of the enemy is first to wear us all down, physically, psychologically and spiritually then ultimately to put us against one another. Remember, it’s a long game and a battle of attrition. They will inundate with propaganda and constant censorship to solidify their narrative and hide their disgusting crimes. They will spread so much deception simply to divide. So our strength and common ground must be found in Christ, calling upon his Holy Spirit and Word of Knowledge to bless us with endurance and perseverance. Yet, we must not stop the enemy when they are revealing themselves and their intentions.

For when the appointed time comes, as Saint Peter says, and then proceeds to asked, “Since all these things are to be destroyed…what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness?” (2 Peter 3:11) Therefore, since we see the dissolution occurring right before us, perhaps we should look towards our Heavenly Creator to guide our steps and ask him for his Mercy and Grace to rest upon us as we pursue his divine will.

Jesus Christ told Nicodemus that if he didn’t understand or believe the earthly things Christ spoke to him, how could he understand heavenly things (John 3:12)? Perhaps, we must contemplate this. I find myself repenting often for having leaned upon my own understanding and asking The Lord to help me understand his ways. The principle thing I’m learning is that God has the most patience for the evil doers. He gives them many opportunities to change their minds, even at the expense of those who are pursuing good. For the joy of the ‘prodigal son’ coming home also means that they are being brought “back to life” after being subject to the fate of all unrepentant sinners, [eternal] death.

So then we must pray for our enemies the way Stephen prayed as he was getting stoned by Saul. We must pray that whoever can be redeemed and reconciled – does so before it’s too late. We must pray that the people being deceived are awakened to the deception. We must pray against hatred of the individual who is misguided under deception while petitioning God for their deliverance. Think about it, you might be the only person who has ever prayed to save their soul? It doesn’t seem so far fetched in this fallen world. This act releases us from the burden of sin and helps its to manifest a more perfect relationship to The Lord because he died for all. Even those whom we strongly disagree with.

We must ask all these things in Christ Jesus Holy Name. As long as we have Jesus Christ as our Lord and Protector we will prevail. The enemy is working overtime, so we must be just as diligent and prayerful as well. Things are beyond our grasp seemingly for a reason, and that is because God will Glorify himself as our sole source of comfort, confidence and of deliverance. This is our consolation. This is the truth eternal. The reddest pill .. ever..

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