Is There Life After Twitter Purge?

Since I’ve been suspended from Twitter and Periscope for supposedly violating the very arbitrary rules that seem to change depending on what candidate, special interest or Politician/political group has the loudest blow horn at the moment, it’s been very difficult for me to keep in touch with the many friends I’ve made within that platform.

Though this has been terribly disappointing and has also dealt a major blow to my being a content creator and the ability to share my message – I have since migrated over to various alternative social media websites that do not mind supporting free speech on the internet and I will pass along this information to you.

Perhaps you may consider (if you haven’t already) exploring these alternative options below.

These sites include which have their own crypto-currency, I think that’s totally awesome! which has gotten a bad rap due to fake news targeting but Gab totally supports free speech and discourse plus they actively ban pornography which is degenerate and regressive not to be confused with free speech, I don’t care what Larry Flint said!

Another platform is Telegram which is a messaging app growing in popularity since the great Twitter purge. Definitely my favorite thus far!

Last and least, I’d also like to add to this list as I seemed to have forgotten to mention it in my original post. Mostly because I hadn’t updated myself to the fact that their platform was reactivated in mid February. They were targeted by Amazon & the other Technocratic oligarchs who probably were leaned on by Democrats to deplatform after the event of January, 6th 2021.

That day that will apparently be used to turn our Government against Americans.


I look forward to sharing my thoughts of that day pretty soon.

I have no intention on re-establishing a new Twitter account, so if you’d like you can connect with me on any of these platforms by following this link:

There are a plethora of platforms who support free speech and I will do my best to pass that information to you.

The biggest takeaway from being suspended by Twitter for me was that I should have done a better job growing my audiences on these other platforms.

Moving forward I will continue to post my essays, and editorials on this website.

For my political analysis I will most likely use the alternative platforms provided in the linktree because there I will have an opportunity to free expression.

If you would like to see more of my content please stay tuned and connect with me on any platform linked above.

So much light to shine and so many Red Pills to serve! I have so much I want to share and would just like to THANK THOSE OF YOU who have been very encouraging throughout this process.

It has truly been a blessing!

Now I know I shouldn’t tell you to leave the platforms like Twatter and FakeBook (lol) because I believe that everyone has a right to autonomy. YET that being said, I can’t honestly allow you to “ignore the tea leaves” so to speak.

It’s evident that political censorship is at an all time high from the far left (NWO) and so is their push on their political propaganda.

They’ll be coming for every honest man, woman and child who dares to question their narrative if we don’t push back and divest ourselves ASAP.

I know, it’s easier said than done but considering how much they have played in the politicization of everything and their targeting of specifically conservative Christian groups, it’s definitely time for us to wake up and begin the exodus.

The people made these platforms into the behemoths they are and I believe it’s the people who will change it.

We have to reason, if as a society we cannot discipline ourselves to recognize when we are being manipulated by technology and artificial intelligence – specifically by the technocratic oligarchy in Silicon Valley who boast in TIME magazine about “fortifying the 2020 Election” then Western civilization will continue to collapse and the many will be governed & enslaved by the few simply because those “few” knew how to control the spread of information and disinformation.

It seems far fetched but considering that these platforms banned a sitting US President without due process, it is not totally unrealistic.

Specifically speaking of Twitter, I think CEO Jack Dorsey is a phony, a fascist and above all a selfish coward.

He speaks of decentralization and Bitcoin but it’s all talk as he immediately does whatever the Establishment in Washington tells him to do. Even if that means selling out his own users on his platform.

How despicable!

We can pray he snaps out of it soon and wakes up but from what I understand, that’s highly unlikely.

You know I’ve said it before.

There is no free speech on the internet!

So please, if you don’t mind – do not hesitate to share any of my articles if the spirit should move you.

Let’s always work to override the censors and spread the truth.

If you have anything you’d be interested in suggesting, let me know too!

My ultimate goal is building a community that believes in sharing knowledge and truth with complete passion, understanding and zeal.

Light shines the brightest during the darkest of times, so let your light shine bright and remember… from here on out – it’s Red Pills Only! Stay 🆙

With that being said, God Bless You in Jesus Christ and God Speed!!

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