☣️ Covïd-19 and ☠️ Graphene Oxïde: Is there a link?

Dirección Correcta in Chile interview La Quinta Columna to discuss the direct attack on humanity.

Please watch and share! ‘Dirección Correcta’ in the video, sharing results of an analysis of the vaccïnation vials which lead to the element of Graphene oxide.

In this short clip from a much longer stream, Biostatistician, Ricardo Delgado, breaks down how graphene has been silently introduced into the world’s population: in FPP2 masks, in PCR test swabs, in antigen tests, in these misnamed vaccines and soon through intranasal sprays.

Interestingly, the intranasal sprays they are attempting to now introduce – according to the video do make me think of the Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura clip from the Tru Tv show ‘Conspiracy Theory’ of the female Doctor who fled the US over 10 years ago under the auspices that a pandemic would be introduced thru “nasal spray” vaccïnations.

You can click here to view that video as well.

The video above was translated by Orwell.city so please be sure to check them out to get more information regarding this particular research which seem to also explain the cause for “magnetism” in many people.

What is astounding is that no one in position of authority have gone out their way to investigate.

Yet they absolutely need to investigate!

The graphene oxide (hypothesis) poisoning also seems to explain the loss of taste people experience after supposedly being infected and test for cov1d.

What are your thoughts?

Many can’t seem to comprehend the attack that is happening on a worldwide level.

Many are programmed to believe an act of war is something likened to Pearl Harbor or 9/11 but the truth is that war in the 21st century is more about covert tactics and cunning deceptions.

Now as we see this “soft kill” take place, we can open our eyes to the slow extermination of not only the current population but that also of future generations is very hard to grasp and with the New “varïants” we can expect to see more unnecessary loss of our birthrights and civil liberties.

Therefore, realistically being informed is absolutely tantamount because the enemy relies on the stupidity and laziness that has seeped into western civilization in order to coerce the masses.

It is only fair and just to make sure that the individuals who are subject to such coercion also have the opportunity to be informed, truthfully, before actually offering their consent.

Remember, friends – truth is the “Red Pill.”

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