Mürdėr By Injēctìön – Throwback Intervïēw

In the above video recorded over three decades ago for what seems to be a local media outlet- Mr. Mullins discusses his intensive research into the American medical establishment and exposes the massive amount of fraud and corruption which was occurring since its very inception.

With what is currently happening in the world regarding the COVID-19 virus, it’s clear to see that Author & Researcher, Eustace Mullins, was definitely ahead of his time and even sounding the alarm back then!

He goes into details of how the Rockefeller and Carnegie oligarchs came together to create the medical system we now have and how it has proved to be a disservice to the public because of the awful greed which is now entrenched within the system causing the patients dependent upon care to be looked upon as merely “profits.”

Nevertheless, I do hope you take the time out to watch the video and draw your own conclusions! This man did years of research in the Library of Congress and he has receipts! So when you’re finished watching the video consider also purchasing his actual book ‘Murder By Injection’ because this interview only scratched the surface.

I have purchased and read this book and I am still reeling at the amount of corruption that was not only involved in establishing the current system of American medicine but resolute that these entities need much oversight and accountability for the damage they cause.

Please remember to Like & Share! Spreading good information while we still have the opportunity is so important especially now with the censorship! Every bit of it helps to wake more people up and change things for the betterment of humanity!

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One thought on “Mürdėr By Injēctìön – Throwback Intervïēw

  1. I’ll be the first to say that Red Pills only is the “angels advocate” for our modern age! Nowhere will you find raw and explicit historical truths given to the masses like a holy bread 🥖school lunch…don’t sleep on the shark in bloody waters or the agenda of the evil men who have usurped power!

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