“Wipe Your Crocodile Tears!” Must Watch POV on War in Ukraíne.

Stanislav, a young man who grew up in the USA & Canada give his POV on Russia/Ukrainian war.

With the inundation of propaganda from both the right wing and left wing media in the USA beating the drums of war, I thought it was best to get a perspective from someone on the ground in Russia.

Turns out, the video above is from a young man named Stanislav and he provides a very detailed and intelligent perspective on the current war in the Ukraine. He also is familiar with Western culture because he grew up in the United States, has lived in Canada as well as spent 3 years in Europe. He understands the lack of transparency within the western media that too often fans the flames of conflict while omitting crimes that the West and it’s allies perform on innocent populations.

I personally have no “dog” in this fight per se yet I believe with the hostile responses of NATO and it’s guidance from specific US Presidents has been detrimental to any idea of peace and thus it seems that conflict was inevitable.

Most people who look into the situation with the Ukrainian GØVT understand that back in 2013, the United States under then President Obama with the help of Senator John McCain overthrew the legitimate Ukrainian GØVT and installed actual Nazis into the government. Americans usually support “free & fair elections” yet what our government did in 2013 was anything but free or fair. It was an act of war on the entire population of Ukraine and resulted in a civil war with many casualties.

Sen. John McCain with Neo-Nazi leader in Ukraine during 2013/14 GØVT overthrow.

Yet so many people do not even realize or understand what happened in 2013-2014 because our media and government officials keep the Americans and much of the western population in the dark so long as it benefits their agenda.

NATO not wanting peace with Russia after many attempts by Russian President Vladimir Putin is poor leadership. The hostility and resulting war only affects the common citizens just trying to live their day to day life and they will bring more danger to their citizens even in Europe if they chose to persist down this road of war and violence.

Of course, we should all pray and hope for peace yet at the same time we should also pray for the truth of the situation to be revealed because it is the lack of transparency within the NATO alliance fueled by dubious decisions and political agendas that has brought the entire planet to the brink of nuclear war.

As Stanislav emphasized in his video rant, “what do you expect to happen when you back a bear and a dragon into a corner?”

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