Beam me up, Scotty! A Look At Modern Hologram Technology.

HoloPortation Technology

David Nussbaum demonstrates Proto Inc. formerly PORTL Hologram’s technology. “Beam from anywhere to anywhere in real-time.”

In this clip from about two years ago he also shares how Jimmy Kimmel was able to attend an award show using this tech. It was convenient and entertaining to the audience who cheered as his hologram appeared on stage.

“If you are an educator or if you a politician or an inspirational speaker or a religious leader you can beam from the safety and security from your campaign headquarters or from your judge chambers or wherever you are into anywhere do you need to be in real-time”

– David Nussbaum.

The first time I became familiar with this hologram tech was when they had a concert and used this to recreate Tupac Shakur so that it may perform at Coachella. It seemed to impress people at the time but also raised questions about the industry stealing the likeness of artist who passed away in order to monetize from such a stunt. It does appear to be egregious that they would still own people even after death. Yet that is the case.

When I think of it, this type of technology may be heavily used in the future by those in positions of authority or influence. Many witnessed the Queen of England utilizing a similar hologram technology when celebrating the Platinum Jubilee. I am not sure if the same company Proto Inc. is responsible for her hologram but we can see that the government powers are using this technology to keep the public intrigued and their monarch in the safety of the palace.

British Monarch, Queen Elizabeth, using hologram technology during Platinum Jubilee celebration.

One can’t help but think that the current US administration may implement a similar use of this technology for the current geriatric (Joe Biden) in the office of President -who doesn’t seem to function all too well.

Then there is the entire “green climate agenda” as well as the “great reset” which both want to limit travel and isolate the public. When one thinks of the many ways they could convince people to limit social interaction by substituting it with hologram tech, there’s no doubt the world would love to participate in what seems to have been “pre-programmed” into our minds with films such as Star Wars and countless other sci-fi dramas.

The technology is beyond fascinating but at the same time, it can be another tool used by the powers that be to deceive the masses. There are so many ways one could think of how they could use it and also why they would use it. So my friends, never forget to question everything!

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