What is The Trusted News Initiative?


The past couple of years there has been a constant streamlining of the overall narrative coming from popular news sites and mainstream media, whether it’s from Facebook or Google or any major social media platform.

The fact of the matter is that this method of centralized information has nothing to do with the desire to protect the citizens from misinformation or disinformation but rather has more to do with controlling the masses themselves. It’s the proverbial take on Plato’s story of ‘The Cave.’

Another aspect that many have speculated is that controlling the information affects the monetary gain of these corporate oligarchs who during the pandemic experienced the most massive wealth transfer ever recorded in history! It’s well known they spend tons of money creating their own hype and manufacturing trends etc., so it comes as no surprise that they would manufacture news stories to create optics which place them in a favorable manner while the rest of civilization lives in a sort of ‘Truman Show’ mindscape. While they force lockdowns and people to “live” in the “meta verse.”

Needless to say, using the same consolidation of multiple media platforms (as discussed in the video) in order to divide & conquer by labeling any form of dissent or disagreement as harmful in order to silence and smear. All this is yet another method to control the masses by creating perpetual states of distrust between everyone who already is in a state of disarray due to the unprecedented actions taken by the government such as mandatory lockdowns, forced face masking and the mandatory vaccinations with genetic therapy drugs disguised as “vaccines.”

Keep in mind, the virus is still among us and many are no longer viewing the situation as a pandemic yet many elected officials in positions of power refuse to drop the ‘State of Emergency’ mostly because it does fit the “reset agenda” which can only truly take place in the USA if a governor has the hubris to act like a dictator pushing through legislation during these supposed ‘State of Emergency” as they capitalize on fear and ignorance of the citizens.

The video by the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation does an excellent job explaining The Trust News Inititive which is in reality a sophisticated propaganda campaign that suppresses the free flow of information. Information which any reasonable person has the right to hear and make their own decision on whether or not they chose to believe or prescribe to it. Check out their website and keep yourselves and your loved ones informed!

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