Announcement: New Podcast In the Works!

If you follow my Instagram account you probably may have viewed the announcement of the new podcast which is currently in the works right now! I am very excited about continuing to build this community and I believe that creating a Podcast is the next natural step in this process.

As far as how or when the first episodes will be released, my goal is to have them released by mid October, especially because I would like to discuss the upcoming Midterm elections that will be taking place in November.

My intent is to offer feedback and analysis on the various campaigns as well as connecting the agendas and reading through the double speak. At the same time, I want to engage in sophisticated dialogue with individuals who understand the need for conversation and collaboration when discussing controversies or delicate topics.

The goal is ultimately to seek truth, to be candid and unfiltered when doing so yet personable and entertaining. I also would like to support independent media and artist who are not interested in following the mainstream culture or narratives. If you enjoy my posts here on RedPillsOnly.TV, I definitely believe you will love what I have in store regarding the Podcast. This is a very exciting time and I look forward to the next phase in this journey. Stay tuned!

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