Is Climate Change Real?

YouTube: The Great Global Warming Swindle (2007)
Produced by Martin Durkin

This documentary by UK Television producer, Martin Durkin, made in 2007 is very relevant today. Of course, because it’s countered the mainstream media’s narrative this documentary was placed in the “bottom of the bin” figuratively speaking which is why so many may not have heard of it.

Nonetheless, the information is vital to take in and challenge the current narrative of climate change and the role industry and civilization is actually having on the earth’s weather system & climate.

It’s clear that part of the Great Reset agenda is to promote a new type of “sustainable” lifestyle and culture. Yet when looking into the actual science provided to the masses, the models provided do not support the hypothesis of “man made” climate change.

If the science is dubious then why should the masses be coerced into a new system which will not benefit humanity?

It will in fact place them into a dark age of digital/meta authoritarianism with fascist technocrats at the helm to dictate the value of their enslaved consumers. The sooner people introduce themselves to actual truths and facts which challenge and full blown dismantle the ideas promoted by these overlords – the easier it will be for humanity to resist this awful agenda.

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