Banned: Yê West on Drink Champs (uncensored)

Let me start off by saying that it was a very brave and opportunistic move for the producers & creators of the Drink Champs podcast to invite such a major icon and current center of controversy, Ye West.

Off the of the heels of a very heated tweet that literally got Ye banned from several social media outlets he goes off and does not hold back or stand down. One would either admire his radical candor or think him to be a fool for daring to say things in a “stream of consciousness” that not many will understand or even care to.

Ye West on Drink Champs


Now that the show was posted and open to review from the “thought police,” the host, Noreaga, has decided to take the broadcast down. After making many rounds offering up several mea culpa’s for comments which Ye had made during the live broadcast which (may have) offended family members of George Floyd.

Whether people agree or not, Ye & the folks have a right to speak their minds and the people have a right to respond as well. Yet when the result is censorship or public shaming of dissidents who perhaps share differing views or perspective on matters within society, we have reached a tipping point.

I decided to share the broadcast not because I agree with everything, Ye has to say. Yet I do believe he has the right to say it and the public have a right to listen or not. The entire mob mentality that decides to dictate to the masses what is & isn’t tolerated needs to get in check.

The best way is to insist that individuals have the free will to express themselves and that censorship of speech or dissenting speech should not be allowed but instead all capable people encouraged to openly debate their positions. As scripture teaches us, “iron sharpens iron.

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