What happened to the film ‘The Sound Of Freedom’ ??

YouTube: Sound of Freedom (Trailer)

I was searching for this film to watch one night with my husband and it lead me down a rabbit hole.

The news of the films release was said that it had been postponed due to the pandemic and then that Amazon would release it on its platform for viewing. Well, that wasn’t the case. It seems that Amazon has buried it!

I can’t say that I’m shocked that the movie was buried (aka censored) because the powers that be so not want to be expose for their wickedness. We need to really press for the release of this film because there’s obviously something they don’t want us to know.

Here’s a video of Tim Ballard below being interviewed and discussing exactly what he saw when he would save these children. It’s absolutely heartbreaking that children go through this and thank God for men like Tim Ballard. We need more of them!

YouTube: 700 Club interview with Tim Ballard

If you know of anyone who has access to this film or any explanation as to why it’s being censored please leave a message in the comments! Thank you and God Bless!!

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