‘The Matrix’ film (1999)

So you wanted to know what RedPillsOnly.TV is about?

First, the fact that you are here on this site shows that you have a curiosity for truthful information and facts that many people would normally shrug off because it would adversely affect their day to day reality. Ignorance is bliss and most people do not want to deal with uncomfortable truths.

Yet you’re different.

You see what’s going on in the world. You know something is wrong and you want to understand why. You’re searching for real truth that will challenge the ordinary worldly perspective, not corporate news that sugar coats and peddles pharmaceutical products & globalist agendas.

You want actual truth not contradiction or gaslighting.

The kind of truth that will cause your paradigm to shift and align with the very will of God and the salvation of humanity. You are special. You are chosen and your goal isn’t just to save yourself but your goal is to ultimately wake up humanity.

Remember, you aren’t alone. There are many who feel the same as you. And here is where their words will be shared and the knowledge embraced. It’s no longer the ‘Great Reset’ it is now ‘The Great Awakening.” A wonderful time to be alive to witness this unveiling and dissolution of the works of the devil.

The devil is a liar.

It’s important to mention, the decision to start this site was due to big tech’s manipulation of the algorithms – which blocks (or throttles) the flow of free speech. As well as the dystopian methods these same entities used such as shadow-banning, censoring content, black listing, smearing and de-platforming of many truth tellers, freethinkers, whistleblowers and pundits who exposed information which did not align with the agenda of a few large corporations, trusts and banks. This class of individuals are often referred to as oligarchs. They are responsible for this hostile takeover happening on a worldwide basis.

These entities seek to gaslight through their corporate media cohorts spreading disinformation & misinformation propaganda. They practice malfeasance in lock step with their pharmaceutical conglomerate, corrupt researchers & doctors in various universities and politicians through out the world – all in a brazen attempt to sow confusion and discord among the masses. Typical divide and conquer format so they can have influence, usurp power, lay claim to all resources, land and increase their wealth

It is the belief here, that truth is the only remedy for such massive deception. The name of this site Red Pills Only is not only a homage to the poignant 1999 film ‘The Matrix’ but also to what “Red Pills” has become a euphemism for – actually waking up to the deception and lies of this “system” which all of Western civilization and humanity have been thrust into.

Consider each post metaphorically as a “red pill” which you are invited to partake in by clicking the RED PILLS link in the upper menu.

If you would like to submit an article or request a feature or a collaboration , please click CONTACT on the upper Menu.

Thank you for your support. God Bless!

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