450 Belgian Doctors Call For An End to Lockdown in Hard-hitting Letter

We’ve seen ‘America’s Doctors’ come out and hold their own news conference to call for an end to the Lockdown and it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears with all the (mostly leftist) Bureaucrats and wholly censored by the Technocrats. Here is another set of Doctors from Belgium who make the same petition toContinue reading “450 Belgian Doctors Call For An End to Lockdown in Hard-hitting Letter”

Corona Diaries.. 😷 #MaskOff

The right belongs to the individual to decide what is best for themselves and their family.

Oh Ye Of Little Faith?

It is written that Jesus Christ once told his followers if they had faith the size of a “mustard seed” they could “..move mountains” (Matthew 17:20). There were many accounts in the Gospels which display the sheer lack of understanding the first followers of Christ had as they grasped the fulfillment of who exactly ChristContinue reading “Oh Ye Of Little Faith?”

Into the Age of Anti –

Never before in my life or in my studies have I heard or seen of a time where people have created a collective in which they can gather and celebrate the invirtuous.  It seems we have now entered into an age where people no longer feel the desire to be governed by reason.  Now individualsContinue reading “Into the Age of Anti –”

The Time Abraham Lincoln “Colluded” With Russia.

Well, I’m sure the curiousity of the title of this post is intriguing you.  And it very much ought to.  It’s hard to believe sometimes that history repeats itself.  Yet it is the nature of time and the continuum of eternity within this realm in which we are present that the tendency of events seemContinue reading “The Time Abraham Lincoln “Colluded” With Russia.”

Crisis in California: Homelessness and The Manufactured Underclass of California Progressive Politics

Past the glitzy and chic city streets, the high tech coffee shops and the en vogue fashion boutiques is the growing population of the San Francisco and Greater Bay Area homeless under class.   Consisting of many families and people who suffer in silence without access to a stable home or the economic resources to maintainContinue reading “Crisis in California: Homelessness and The Manufactured Underclass of California Progressive Politics”

No Free Speech on the Internet🚫

So it’s best that you know I am posting this as I am literally “suspended” from the Twitter platform for comments on my Timeline.  The events that served as a prelude to my suspension were rather ridiculous.  I am very chatty on Twitter (not a crime!) and have no trouble in expressing my opinion orContinue reading “No Free Speech on the Internet🚫”