Corona Diaries.. 😷 #MaskOff

most of what people are feeling is confusion

The way this Corona Virus pandemic is changing the lives of people through out the world is astounding. I see the news reports, the blog posts and of course the micro-vlog commentaries. I believe that most of what people are feeling is confusion. The measures taken by our elected officials in regard to the spread of the virus seemed merited at the time of the outbreak. First reported in Wuhan and then later in the USA in Seattle, WA.

Yet, when we reflect on the statistics and the incongruency of the actual numbers combined with the blatant government overreach by many states, in this case I will be personally speaking on California. One has to wonder, was this all necessary? And when I say “this” I mean to say, was it necessary to sacrifice the American philosophy of individual liberty, for the desired government outcome, in this case “bending the curve” which was based upon theoretical science and data that was very nebulous or flat out incorrect. Our government was relying upon information and data from the WHO (World Health Organization) and the WHO was relying upon information and data from China’s version of the FDA.

The entire reaction to the Corona response was perpetuated by the VIDEOS LEAKED FROM CHINA.

Let that sink in.

As videos began circulating in the internet creating an alarmist reaction from many people, especially within the media who then began to put pressure upon government authorities to issue a response without first allowing the situation to be properly assessed and vetted. The entire reaction to the Corona response was perpetuated by the videos leaked from China. Let that sink in. Meanwhile, we have American doctors who are coming out the wood work disclosing the fact that this virus is just like any other type of virus and sun light and warm weather are infact the best way to treat it and maximize the benefits of herd immunity.

But on the flip side, you have companies like FaceBook and Google that are flagging such content and information from being freely shared under the guise that it can put the general public at risk. Since when did these entities have a vested interest in the public being at risk? It couldn’t be the fact that if people have to be at home then of course they would be more inclined to use all these devices, and the aggregate of information capital would be at a zenith level. Of course not! 😏

That’s a whole lot of information to take in, so many theories anyone can come up with and yes, I have had my share of plenty. Looking at Crude prices drop and yet the stockmarket jump back to 24K today and who knows where it’ll be at tomorrow?! It’s as if we are all in this weird experiment together. One that attempts to redefine the order of things into something dubiously bizarre and strange.

Don’t be silly and think that I believe that Coronavirus is a hoax. I do not.

It’s to be noted that the proliferation of good hygiene techniques by the various government agencies is appreciated though some of it at times has been superfluous and flat out redundant. Of course, the necessary counsel that if “you feel sick, stay home” is simple advice that helps us all stop spread of any contagion and implementing these practices will help our country (and world) for generations with the understanding that doing so doesn’t just limit the spread of Coronavirus but any other virus’ as well. Also, being able to stay home if you actually feel sick and not place your job in jeopardy is relieving for many. These are suggestions that an individual can apply based upon their own decision making. Not mandates forced upon a person through government officials.

I accept Coronavirus to be a real pathogen that infects people and definitely accept the notion that it has the potential to prove more fatal than the flu especially for those who may be infirm or have pre-existing health issues. That is very frightening for our fellow neighbors who have been hearing reports and news of reports about the high mortality rate. I recently received news of extended family members sadly passing from Coronavirus under sudden and tragic circumstances, both coincidently suffering from preconditioned heart issues and residing in New York city.  No family member was allowed around them either. They were quarantined off and no one they loved was able to be by their side and comfort them. This virus is deadly. I get that.

At the end of the day, the right belongs to the individual to decide what is best for themselves and their family, not the State and local authorities. If one business owner wants to open their store and the other doesn’t, it should be a decision the business owner makes. If someone choses to patronize said business or not, it should be the decision of the individual customer. It’s very simple. To allow the livelihoods of millions of people to be put to an end and for the entire world economy to crumble based upon hyperbolic news reports and extreme sensationalism by the media is ridiculous. To mandate and enforce that small business owners to not open their stores or provide services is beyond draconian.

..the right belongs to the individual to decide what is best for themselves and their family,

Still, that’s exactly what happened isn’t it? And though it seemed appropriate at the time because of the urgency being perpetuated by the international news media organizations, in reflection one must ask, “does the ends justify the means?” Depending on with whom you speak, you may find different paradigm responses. Many thought out and justified but regardless, it’s up to our Public officials to respect the rule of law in America which is that no Government entity can infringe upon the personal rights of anyone, for any reason.

I’ve also noticed a common floating analogy which is to compare this pandemic to battles and wars of yesteryear. How stupid and unfair to equate the nature of this catastrophe to wars and battles of the past because they aren’t even in the same context. Wars and battles are bloody, sudden and often use weapons that maim and kill. Beside the fact that wars are between peoples and nations. This virus has no nation (unless it was in fact a bio-weapon from China..) It’s main enemy is basically all of creation at this point! It is a menace but one that is possible to evade or recover from because that’s what humans and our natural biomes have been doing since the dawn of creation.

..our public officials are complicit

Limiting information resources to individuals who seek to better their health and immune systems just to herd a response to this event like mandatory test and vaccinations with risk of penalties IS an act of hostility towards the people. Attempting to create a “new order” or how are they labeling it now? Oh that’s right! The “new normal” from all this [organized] confusion and “chaos” isn’t the proper response from our elected officials in a republic of “separate but equal” individuals.

I won’t go through the ways of how all this is overwhelmingly in violation of our rights as American citizens or how our public officials are complicit in putting the figurative ankle bracelets on us during the mandatory “Stay at home” house arrest orders from our Caesars, I mean Governor Newsom. It sure seems true though, if the masses are in fear they can be influenced any which way. THAT IS ALARMING.

Nevertheless, I’d like to add that the hysteria seems like a very welcomed distraction from perhaps the most nauseating truth, which is Quid Pro Joe Biden as the Democrat party frontrunner. Biden, who perhaps is a worse candidate than 2016’s prize horse, Hillary Clinton. Not implying that Clinton is favorable in my eyes but YIKES! Joe Biden is definitely a STEP DOWN! All in all that’s for another blog entry. I hope you all stay stafe and stay awake! We don’t have to agree on all things but let’s agree to at least ask questions and start the conversation never forgetting that “iron sharpens iron.”

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Take care and God Bless!

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