The Ethical Skeptic: Disinformation vs Misinformation

A deep dive into terms that have been tossed around profusely as of late, perhaps you may have heard of them?

Disinformation” and “misinformation.”

This is a fascinating read that gives sophisticated context and definition to terms being used by many within the media and political spheres yet not truly understood by the public at large.

These terms effectively work to influence and generate [emotional] responses from the masses but really functions as methods to promote the lack of trust and fomenting of discord -which will inevitably lead to the breakdown of society.

Remember that an already demoralized public lacking trust and unity amongst themselves, the citizens, and for their governing bodies can & will be easily misled by whichever entities or corporations who can fund the most effective propaganda campaigns against them.

The best way to combat such massive propaganda and subversion is to educate oneself to the methods and language used in such intelligence operations.

As the ancient Chinese Philosopher and General said famously, “know thy enemy, know thyself.”

To stay a few steps ahead of the information warfare heaped upon us we have to be able to confront the uncomfortable truths and adapt mentally in order to avoid being deceived and forced asleep by all the massive deception & coercion currently taking place.

Below is a portion of the article which states;

“The social definitions of misinformation and disinformation suffer Wittgenstein Contextual Error. They are disinformation themselves. One should notice that, despite an expansion of such terminology and knowledge, nonetheless people grow more ignorant and gullible each decade. This is exactly how disinformation works.

The 10% lie is much more effective than the 100% one. While misinformation deals in lies, disinformation deals in facts. ‘Fact-checking’ therefore, is a favorite pretense of the disinformant.”

To continue reading the article and enjoy how fundamentally it breaks down these terms and even exposes how fact checkers themselves are merchants of disinfo please click here!!

***ALSO Click here for more good reading from The Ethical Skeptic!

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